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07 Dec 2017
By: prfhq

Limits on Purchasing Multiple PS4 Consoles?

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I'm representing a nonprofit foundation that is working with two local hospitals to install PS4 1TB consoles in all patient rooms in their pediatric cancer care facilities.  A local retailer has told us that Sony will not permit them to sell more than one console to a customer in a single transaction.  We're planning to buy several dozen consoles in early 2018 and this restriction will slow us down.   Is this restriction only in place for the holiday season?  If not, is there a way that we can apply for a waiver? 

  • I'm afraid nobody can answer your inquiry about obtaining a waiver. This is only a user disussion area where volunteers offer to share information with their fellow community members. It is not a direct means of communication with Sony, and nobody here is associated with customer service, or the legal department. 


    The limit is to prevent someone from buying up a bunch of consoles and then jacking up the price, selling them on ebay. If you want to contact somebody you can answer your question, then you can try through the Contact Us link. 


  • gkpama00 (Support MVP)

    The use that you are suggesting is not permitted for retail consoles anyway.  The PS4 firmware license only permits personal or family residential use.  In order to use the consoles in a commercial or institutional setting you need special consoles, with a special license, that can only be obtained from Sony Computer Entertainment America directly.  You need to contact the company headquarters.  Your organization does not appear to have researched, or planned, this project very well. You need more than consoles.  What were you planning to do for games? 
  • Geez you people are brutal.  They're trying to do something good and you get people like you criticizing his charity.


  • Thanks, CaptainAlbator!  The live chat rep answered my question, confirmed that use of standard consoles in a hospital setting is acceptable, and told me how to contact Sony Corporate to see if they can recommend any best practices.
  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

    Hi prfhq,


    Glad you were able to speak with someone at support.


    My first reaction to your post is, it's totally ok to do what you're doing. That said, I think this is a retailer specific restriction (another retailer might not have the same ruke), and likely as you mention it is likely in place for the holidays. That said, I would imagine Sony has partners for business/organizations for bulk-ordering, and hopefully they will provide you with a partner to make this possible.


    Love to see gaming on PlayStation going to such a good cause. Cheers!