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07 Dec 2017
By: KazeEnji

Left earphone on PS Platinum Headset not functioning

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Hey Everyone,

I bought my headset in February and the left earphone is no longer functioning. I can't get through Sony's support system because they don't have a selection for gaming headset peripherals so I'm not sure where to go at this point. Does anyone know who I should contact?

Thank you,


  • Youll need your receipt for proof of purchase. Just do whatever on the support system to get to a person, just apologize for getting lost in the menu. You may have to pay for repair if it is from user damage.
  • Hi mate, 

    I have just began experiencing this exact same problem.  Haven't used the headset in a week or so, but put it on today and sound is only coming from the right side.  

    Perhaps there is some form of software issue?