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25 Jan 2017
By: Scorpio77

Ethernet only 100mb?

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Why PS4 Ethernet set to 100mb? I thought it was a 1gig Ethernet?

  • Ethernet?  Don't you mean internet speed?  Ethernet is a wire that sends internet through it to get to the other PC or console.  So maybe you have 1gbps internet, a very fast internet indeed and expensive.  Maybe the PS4 has a bandwidth limitation.  Some computers and console have a bandwidth limitation that can only use up to a certain speed limit of your internet connection.  

  • No ethernet. Like when you from a ps4 to ps4 pro. If it was 1gig it would be 10x faster but its 100mb.

  • sam6862 (Support MVP)

    PS4 does support gigabit ethernet, does your router and switch support gigabit and have gigabit light indicators?


    Even then, we may not be able to reach gigabit  downloads due to the following limitations:


    1. hard disk is still a little slow, the one came with 500GB PS4 are only about 100 MByte/s (800 Mbps) in sequental speed. Running PS4 game and downloading into PS4 at the same time will greatly slow down PS4 downloads, expecially due to hard disk seek speed penalty.


    2. Just because your PS4 have gigabit LAN ethernet doesn't mean your internet can. Check the speed of your internet connection to see if you can get more then 100 Mbps.


    3. PSN download servers are often not very fast, expecially when a game just came out. Years ago, PSN was extremely overloaded when Minecraft PS4 came out.

  • I was just wondering why the PS4/Pro/Ps3 slim 1gig is set to 100mb.

    Hard disk, internet speed and Sony servers has nothing to do it.


    If you set your switch\router set to 1gig it won’t connect.




    I think me and you: PS4 have gigabit LAN Ethernet, why not use it? Right?

  • sam6862 (Support MVP)

    Faulty cable might make 100 Mbps still work, but gigabit not work. Try different ethernet cable such as CAT 5 or higher. 100 Mbps only uses 2 pairs. Gigabit (1000BASE-T) requires all 4 pairs to connect.


    Can try putting a gigabit switch in between PS4 and router and use the light indicator to determine if and which one is using gigabit or not. At the bottom of my 5 port Netgear switch, it says that green = 1000 Mbps, orange = 10/100 Mbps. My PS4 ethernet and PS3 ethernet are both green at 1000 Mbps (gigabit) and can download as fast as 120 Mbps which is my internet speed limit.


    What is your router model? Seems like nothing is at gigabit on your router...

  • i'll Try

  • sam6862 (Support MVP)

    Scorpio77 wrote:

    I  have 1 PS3 and 2 PS4's. You see only an 100mb. I an put a computer on its one and its 1gig.

    Its NOT my stuff ,Sony set the NIC the 100mb. You can try it yourself.

    I will ask this again, which router model are you using?


    I just checked the speed again, I got gigabit ethernet for PS3, PS4, and newer computer.

    There is something wrong with your setup. It might be faulty ethernet cables or maybe outdated router.


    For my ethernet switch, (green light = gigabit, orange = 100 Mbps or less) Green light on my ethernet ports for PS3, PS4, another PS3, and newer computer. But my other very old computer is orange light as this old computer only supports 100 Mbps.


    My cable modem (SB6141) also support gigabit ethernet (blue light = gigabit, orange = 100 Mbps or less) and it is currently as blue light. Connect cable modem direclty to PS4, blue light of gigabit ethernet.


    My router is a custom built linux debian with AMD FX-4100 and multiple PCI-E ethernet cards. I use a command "ethtool eth0" and hey look, "Speed: 1000Mb/s" for my internet connection (limited to 120 Mbps by my internet service provider). Connect PS4 directly to my custom router, run "ethtool eth1" and it shows Speed: 1000Mb/s. If I plug my very old computer into it, it will only be orange light or "Speed: 100Mb/s" as my old computer only support 100 Mbps. My custom router also have 2 older PCI network cards that only have 100 Mbps, which is useful when my gigabit ethernet switch ran out of ports.


    Some network/ethernet surge protector like my APC XS-1500 only support 100 Mbps through surge protection and doesn't work at gigabit speed.

  • Thanks! We are testing cables.

    Short  story its noise on cables.


  • I have the same problem. The ps4 on the router only recognizes 100Mbps while on the computer it recognizes 1000Mbps. If it were a problem with the cable, the computer would not reach 1000Mbps. On the router when connected to the 1000Mbps computer while on the ps4 100Mbps
  • Actually incorrect, a problem with the cable will not always reproduce the problem with all other systems as well. Your issue is likely still a cable if your router is set to gigabit. Try a new cable that is rated for gigabit speed. Also your length of cable will affect this as well.
  • sam6862 (Support MVP)

    capanemac wrote:

    The ps4 on the router only recognizes 100Mbps while on the computer it recognizes 1000Mbps. If it were a problem with the cable, the computer would not reach 1000Mbps.

    Did you swap ethernet cables? Did you swap ethernet ports on router?

    You can also try plugging in your PS4 into gigabit ethernet switch or computer. For windows computer, check speed status in network and sharing, "change adapter settings", status. If PS4 fails to use gigabit (1.0 Gbps), it might be that your PS4 ethernet port is damaged or defective that is unable to use gigabit mode.

  • Is this download speed way too fast when downloading game updates like Final fantasy 15 and other PS4 big name games.