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04 Dec 2017
By: deadlyh1t

Trophy problem!

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Hello everyone 😊

Today i was looking on my game trophies and i noticed something that troubles me! When i was looking the trophies i had on the PS3 games i suddenly saw that my Shadow of the colossus trophies are stuck at 48% while i am really sure that i had it 100%! Now there is a huge problem about it, i cant check on my ps3 cause its not working anymore :( ! And as i said i am 100% sure that i got all trophies in the game! 

Is there any way i can get the trophies now? Or the only way to get the trophies is to fix my old ps3? 

You may say that is only trophies but after wasting so much time on getting them its such a same not seeing them on my trophy list! I am sure you can feel me!

  • You would need to load up your profile on a PS3 online and sync your trophies.
  • On any ps3 or the exact ps3 i got the trophies with? 

  • Any PS3 should work I think. Using the same PS3 with the same HDD would be a sure thing though.
  • Ok! I will try it on my friends ps3! I just noticed its not only Shadow of the colossus trophies bugged but AC Black Flag and SLY 3 too! Thats frustrating! 
  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

    Trophy data is saved locally on the console until you sync with the server. If your PS3 won't power on or work, and you didn't sync the trophies, it's as if they were never earned.


    Signing in to another PS3 won't make a difference because the trophy data is still on your PS3.

  • Yeah you can't sync trophies from a console that didn't earn the trophies in the first place.
  • Well my ps3 just worn off by it self i dont know if i can make it, its just really sad that i have wasted so much time in the trophies and now i don't have them on my list! Anyway will try to sync them with my old ps3! Thanks for the answers!