PlayStation General
21 Jun 2017
By: Fexelea

To-Fix Forum issues: Feedback In case Sony doesn't know, list them all here!

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1. Links don't work

2. No "quote" feature

3. No mentions

4. No signatures

5. Awkward as hell desktop formatting

6. Search is broken

7. "My wall" is broken

8. Editing old info threads removes their links

9. No way to embed videos

10. [FIXED] The forum index (playstation general) does not refresh "last reply"

11. You cannot reply from the bottom of a thread, having to scroll back up to post a reply

12. There's no "back to top" button mid-page

13. There's no "reply link", making it impossible to link directly to a specific reply.

14. There's no marker for moderators / admins.

15. Need flag to show to which posts I've replied.

16. Need post history

17 Need flag for solved issues

Add your own in the replies, so the forum developers can refer to this.


Something I like: The reply / edit feature works decently fast :)

Last Edit: Added [FIXED] tag to reply bumps

  • Might want to also post this in the feedback section. 


  • KANE-FIRE (Support MVP)

    Someone will probably move this to the feedback sub forum. But just in case here it is:


  • Emerald_Swords (Support MVP)

    We haven't seen it's final form yet. 
  • Thank you for creating this thread. We're definitely aware of pretty much all of these issues and will be working on them with priority. Users are welcome to leave feedback here, or other threads, but certainly having one thread to consolidate everything is very helpful. Thank you Fex! 
  • Please bring back mark topic/post feature.
  • It would be nice to "like" the OP for creating a constructive thread.
  • I wanted to "like" @PSForumPosts and I can't *sob*

    I have found another issue, you can't reply from the bottom of a thread, adding to OP.

    In order to avoid duplicate threads, I suggest this topic is kept in general where everyone can see it for now, and we can move it to feedback later. Otherwise we'll have two threads with similar info but different replies floating around, increasing confusion!

  • vfr_800_rider (Support MVP)

    Need flag to show to which posts I've replied.

    Need post history

    Need flag for solved issues

  • I am just curious. WHY, bring over 511 pages of OLD threads, to a NEW forum ? Thay should have cleaned up and only brought over the last 2 weeks of posts prior to the migration. There are going to be necro- bumps like crazy. Why aren't the GAME forums up to date or changed to newer games people are playing? Why leave the old ones there too? You guys knew WAAAAAAY before it was announced that the forums were migrating so why is it a mess? you should have had ample time to do this the right way. AND EVERYTHING Fexelea said!
  • I don't know what "My Wall" is supposed to be, but I probably won't visit these forums much anymore until I can go in my profile, find the page that lists every thread I've posted in (and shows if there's new replies and let's be click on the # and go to the first new reply...), and make that a bookmark so I can load that when I load the forums like I used to. Trying to guess what threads I've posted in and waste time reading them all over and over lookign for new responses is just a waste of time...

    Also pressing "ENTER" skips TWO lines instead of one.... and bring back the damn dark backrounds.... this hurts.... it's giving me an eyegraine (yes you read that right, I get eyegrains instead of migrains since I had an eye infection... idk....)

  • Added more feedback based on replies :)
  • It's really difficult to keep this going if the thread does not bump on replies. :(
  • *Tentative bump for general to see if bump is working and get further to-dos from confused community*



  • The forum index is still not refreshing the date of the last reply - which makes it rather weird when threads get bumped :S
  • I have recently noticed that private messages are "broken". Well, only if you use apostrophies (') I've re-created this every time I tried. If my message contains an apostrophe, the message will get cut-off.


    For example, If you type:

    "Hello friend. I hope you've been having fun."

    After sending, go into your sent messages, and you'll see the message now reads:

    "Hello friend. I hope you"



    Anyone else experiencing this, or is it just me?


  • There's a long laundry list of things that need fixing here. 
  • Yes DaletonaDave I noticed that too. 

    Didn't realize it was apostrophe related. Didn't care enough to investigate. They shouldn't have rolled out a broken forum and they aren't appreciative when you try to help.

    I sent a message to vfr the other day when I noticed PMS were back up. After sending I saw it wasn't what I wrote. I don't think his reply was what he intended either.

  • Thanks ne1atall. At least I know I wasn't losing my mind. I think my friend was starting to wonder... :D