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23 Oct 2017

Thoughts on shadow of war microtransactions

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Just fyi, I beat the game without ever feeling tempted or pressured to spend extra in the marketplace.  There is absolutely no need to do so.  You can recruit plenty of enemy captains while defending during siege missions.

I don't object to the existence of the store, but personally I will not use it.  I would consider using it, if certain changes were made, but not before.  For example, I won't use the store because you could pay for legendary orcs, only to have them die in combat.  They may be hard to kill, but I would not be happy to spend cash on an orc who just dies and is lost.  Also, I am not sure if duplicate loot is excluded or not.  I would not want to spend money if there is a chance I get gear that is the same as what I have now.


  • chaos_789 (Support MVP)

    I have the game, but haven't started it yet. As you said the microtransactions are completely optional, everything available in the microtransaction can be gotten through natural gameplay, they don't punish you for not purchasing the microtransaction.


    I don't have a problem with them, as long as they remain optional, like in Shadow of War. I choose not to purchase microtransations. If they became required in a pay to play game, then it could be a huge problem, but since it's not in Shadow of War, it's fine. You can choose not to purchase them and still enjoy the game fully.


    In free to play game, the microtransactions are designed around making the game more difficult or limit gameplay unless you purchase them. Which is the model of Free to Play games, as that is how they make their money on them.