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06 Nov 2017
By: shadoefax

This site is getting difficult to log on to

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Is it just me and my PC, or is there a buffering issue with this site?  It's getting to be a real problem, unable to open the page for the forums.  My browser just buffers most of the time, and I wonder if this site hasn't been hacked most of the time.  Anyone else have this issue on these forums? 

  • The site was not accessible for me, most of Sunday. The spambot seems to have been working overtime as well.
  • double posted, deleted this one

  • Sometimes I have a lot of problems loading this board sometimes a little. Either way, SONY is overpaying someone for this board... or trying to ruin it.


  • Box9Missingo (Support MVP)

    Strange. I ran into a log in issue via Captcha on the forums recently. Took me over 10 times to get in even with getting the images right.


    @Black_MagicWoman  I was able to get on, but the bot was definitely busy. Two of them, one thankfully didn't do a lot, but the other one was something else. Once they were flagged (meaning the posts themselves), they were deleted quickly. Heck the speed of it surprised me.

  • I think they were countering spam bots the last 2-3 days. I gave up trying to log in durring the day. Around 2-3 AM EST I could log right in. I did get to see 4 of the spam bot post in general section.
  • @Box9Missingo I was actually signed-in when I lost access. The loading icon on my browser just kept rotating, it kind of reminded me of the PSHome days lol. The page never loaded. This has happened before so I turned off my PC. 


    This morning when I turned on my computer I clicked on the PS General bookmark, and the page load immediately. I was even still signed-in.


    Btw captcha seems to have a mind of it's own. I have yet to get any of the street signs correct. Everything else, no problems.

  • Akira_994 (Support MVP)

    All I ever see are the street signs.  (And, well, okay, occasionally the one where you have to click on cars.)  I'd often end up clicking on street signs 'forever' if I signed on using Pale Moon (using the exact same profile I use in Firefox).  Just now, in Firefox, though, I must have had over a dozen street-sign panels to click through. 


    Why am I clicking on endless street sign panels, when the Korean casino site flood-spambots and Indian 'marriage specialist' spambots have no problem zapping straight to the forums and flooding them with spam? 

  • I have also been seeing issues, and the Street Signs are surely making sure I am human lol 


    Maybe they are dealing with Korean DDOS issues? Sad Face... it does seem like some poor guy is mad at sony because he has no wife...