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24 Oct 2017

Shadow of War - missed a trophy... Any options?

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Hello.  I finished Shadow of War but I missed a trophy "it came from within."  Do I have any recourse to earn the trophy?  If I start a new game, will I lose my complete character?  Thanks to anyone who can help.

  • vfr_800_rider (Support MVP)

    Sorry, cannot answer regarding losing your character, however all trophies MUST be earned ingame.  Neither the publisher/developer nor SONY will award you a trophy on your profile.
  • JERM7 (Support MVP)

    Even if there aren't options to create a new save file, you could just backup your old save first.
  • :^/ Starting a new game may or may not erase your old character, but it will not remove existing trophies. Nothing can do that. So, don't worry about needing to repeat the other trophies again. Feel free to focus on the one you missed.