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25 Nov 2017

Second Screen App

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Why did they change PS4's second screen into a seperate app? I've been using second screen as a keyboard for elite dangerous, and it was working perfectly. Now it's a seperate app, it runs slow and sluggish. It wasn't broke so change it?

  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

    While sometimes Sony breaking out functions into other apps does confuse me sometimes, I do think it helps with opitimization (ie. if you don't need 2nd Screen functions, you don't need the code for it, thus making the core app lighter) and the ability to more easily multitask (switch to other PlayStation App functions without having to quit out of the 2nd Screen function)
  • Really the second screen is now it's own seperate app? or are you talking about the messenger app? If the second screen really is a new seperate app that is so stupid. I really think sometimes Sony hires some of the dumbest employees on the earth. They need what 4 app's now to handle what 1 app should be able to? and these forums...


    They must not pay good because there is no brand loyalty in high paying job's. And as far as them making the core app lighter I really don't believe that because sure around launch there was major issues with messaging but that got sorted out and the core app worked fine messaging and as the second screen. 

  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

    STAB, yes Second Screen is now its own app.


    Like I said, in part is annoying, but I will argue that when Messages broke out into its own app, it functioned better than the messages did when integrated with the PS App. I haven't downloaded 2nd Screen so idk how that's working, however I do like the general flow and functionality of the new PS App now also (although they still need to work on it to bring some features back)

  • GraphiteGB (Support MVP)

    Second screen app also supports TABLETs in lanscape mode were as the PS app No longer does on android...

    PS app Is now PHONE porttrait mode focused but to avoid screwing over tablet users fully on android PS second screen app still works as a landscape app... 

    For many they can now delete the PS APP as it serves ZERO use... as they were only using the second screen part any way...

    The new second screen app only has one single NEW screen layout page... the rest is exactly the same as before...

    iPad Screenshot 1

    Thats all they changed when making it its own single page at a time app...

    Play link apps per game, make this app for legacy functions

    Play link went and made second screen Multi user as well...



  • Because Sony absolutely hates their gaming fans. From making separate apps, to opting for multiple paid services that should all be bundled into one, to the cheap design of the Dualshock 4's analog sticks, Sony cares threefold more times about their other branches than its video game branch
  • I have some shocking news for you, Chaoagami56: Sony is not a thinking being. Also, the people who run and work for Sony are in a business, not a charity. Welcome to reality.