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09 Nov 2017

Looking for someone to gameshare CoD: WW2 with

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title, msg me on ps4 if you want to. Im desperate becasue my parents are being REAL ********.

  • 1) Gamesharing is not allowed and is a violation of the Terms of Service which we have all agreed to abide by.


    2) In order to gameshare, at least on person must agree to the sharing of account information such as a password which allows one person access to the other's PSN account. This is risky business as this could lead to one person being ripped off, having their account stolen or locked. And of course, both parties eventually having their accounts banned for life.


    Is this something that you are desperately seeking because your parents are being parents? How would they react if all of the money they had put into your account had been wasted due to your account being stolen or banished forever?


    A "stolen" account means that you actually freely gave your account away to another person. In this case, no one truly has a stolen account.

  • 1. Being desperate for a game is childish. Grow up.

    2. Maybe your parents are getting you this for Christmas. Be patient.

    3. You knew this was coming. You should have saved up.

    4. As Conrad has so unclearly stated, gamesharing can get both of your accounts permanent suspensions. That means a loss of games, saves, trophies, etc.