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24 Oct 2017

Looking for old flight simulator action game (PS1? PS2?)

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Hello, everyone!

I'm looking for a (slightly traumatizing) game I played as a kid, which came on a demo disc together with the Official Playstation magazines. It was your typical air combat simulator game, but with avatars on the edge of the screen, showing 2D art of each character's face. Now, what stood out the most in this game was the game over screen. Whenever someone died, the 2D art turned into skeletons (I think?). Then, if YOUR character died, you would get a game over screen showing your dead character up close, and I think a scream followed it too.

I don't really have any more details to share, this is all I remember, but I hope anyone knows which game I'm talking about. I only played this a few times because of the death screen, but I'll gladly accept all suggestions you guys have :)