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13 Nov 2017

Is it over

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Is it true that they are not going to stop all ps3 console and games why and I love my ps3 from a parent 


  • SONY stopped putting out MLB THE SHOW 17 for PS3 so I guess the anser is yes, it's over for PS3. Some new games are out although the only one I can think of is NBA2K18 for PS3 and PS4. The PS3 version which I have is none too good (opinion) with players names left out of commentary and bald headed players in some cases.

    Doesn't mean PS3 will shut down online service and I doubt it will for another year if for no other reason than NBA2K18.

    If one want's new games, get a PS4 (or other manufacter's concole).

    I have a PS4 and a PS3 and I still use the PS3 at times.  There's still the "old" PS3 games still on my hard drive or disc.