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06 Dec 2017
By: OX_Bigly

Help find a game?

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Hello all.


I'm trying to find a game I played a demo of a year or two ago at a target.


The game was set in a run down poor city. You play as a young black kid.

It was a puzzle platformer.


Thanks for any help

  • Are you sure it was a PlayStation game?

    Which system?

    You didn't give much to go on.

    Browse the PS Now games to maybe jog your memory.

  • It was a ps4 game, 3d platformer. Not much else i remember.
  • JERM7 (Support MVP)

    Maybe Papo & Yo? That's a PS3 game though.
  • ValhallaOutcast (Support MVP)

    This War of Mine: The little ones? 
  • Papo and Yo!!!!!

    That's the bell he was ringing for me.

    Thanks Jerm7 at least my itch has been scratched.

  • I remember that game, but can't remember the title.  It is an Indie game, and look under the Indie titles on the PS Store.  If I'm not mistaken, that game has also been on Plus over the past couple of years. 
  • I'm leaning towards it being Papo & Yo. Screenshots look like what I remember. Thanks.
  • My Google search results showed a possible answer. "Inside"? That or the PS4 version of Limbo.