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02 Oct 2017

Grief Reporting

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I play EA UFC 2 and there are many a people who will put racial slurs on their characters and as a black person I find that very offensive. I want to report this person so hopefully action can be taken because it is not ok for someone to have the right to play when they are going out and offending people and nothing is being done. I see it a lot and I'm very tired of it. I want to report this person but because they haven't sent a message I can't send a greif report and it says on their back I hate *bleep*. That is really offensive to me and to many other people black or not and no one should have to put up with that. I tried to use the website to report it but it keeps faiing so I have no action I can take and I want this person to know stuff like this isn't ok. They should have to either A) have their character deleted or B) be suspended or banned outright. Can anything be done?

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  • If these names are a feature of the game, then only EA ca do anything about it. If these are PSN account names, then they should be reported to Sony.


    Not that this helps any, but games like UFC are going to attract less mature players. People do these things deliberately to be offensive. I have not yet seen a gaming service that can fully get this sort of thing under control.

  • As a black man i only have this to say "if you dont like the game don't buy the game" .   #free speach  
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  • Yeah you are right Brises it is unfortunate that people can't be a bit more mature and not do such things. You can report people's fighters although I'm not too sure that does anything unless you get enough reports as with sony or any other gaming service as you said.


    Sorry but not sorry OverTaker, you are a fool. You can be sent to jail and/or fined in the great nation of USA and other countries for racial abuse which is simply calling someone a slur. As if I would stop playing or not buy the next itteration. Its not as if I didn't beat him in fact he quit because he was getting beaten up.


    I believe there should be a way to upload a photo as proof of evidence and then those who truly are in the wrong (not the people who are wrongfully acused of griefing) can be taught to be a bit more considerate. Even a day or 2 would be enough for most people to realize what they are doing is wrong. I sure learned the hard way in Rainbow 6 Siege that you can't keep team killing as I was suspeneded for a day plus and it made me realize not to do it. Just my feelings on this.

  • If it's a PSN ID, write it down. Then once you have a moment, use the search for a friend function to find the name. Once found, highlight the name and press the Option button. There will be an option to report the name.
  • If someone is doing something wrong on PSN, report them on PSN...  

    The user telling you to report him to EA does not know what he’s talking about, EA CAN NOT BAN or suspend someone from PSN.   The racial slurs happened on Sony’s network, you need to make THEM aware or if.


  • UFC 2 has a decent character creator, which includes the ability to create custom first name, last name, and nickname. I believe players can create a roster of 5 fighters in this way. When playing online, the created name is what other players can see.  I'm sure this is what the OP is talking about. 


    Whatever EA approves of within their game and on their servers, is not subject to any actions by Sony, except that Sony can disapprove any game from being on their systems. However, the game has already cleared Sony's QC process, and the game has been out for a year and a half.  Since these are not PSN IDs. It would be up to EA to enforce any rules they have regarding misconduct. I would assume they have a way of restrictions a player's access to their EA account, or access of that account from the game servers. 


    But in this cir***stance, it would be out of Sony's hands.

  • ^^^^ You sir are wrong!  This is no different then someone shouting a racial slur over the mic.  The OP needs to report this offense directly to Sony so they can handle the issue of racist players.  The PSN is Sony’s network, they’re the ones making the money off the subscriptions, it’s their job to keep the their PAID network free from toxic/racist users.  Like I said before,  EA HAS NO POWER TO BAN USERS FROM PSN, ONLY SONY CAN!!!


    I know it’s popular around here to say “NOT SONYS GAME, TELL SOMONE ELSE TO FIX IT!!!!!!”  But in this case it’s wrong and very unhelpful.