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23 Oct 2017
By: sinept

Does the dark souls series force online play?

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I've heard about the dark souls series for a while, and have been considering getting into the series. I just got demon souls as my introduction into the series, and the first thing it does is force me into online mode; with the only way to play in single player being to disable internet on my console. Not the best of introductions tbh. Does the rest of the series (DS 1-3 and bloodborne) expand on the forced multiplayer parti****tion, or does it move away from that? I was under the impression that the dark souls series was a singleplayer one, with optional multiplayer; and whether or not that's actually true is the deciding factor in whether I have any interest in getting any more dark souls games.


Also why is P*A*R*T*I*C*I*P*A*T*I*O*N being censored? In what language, on what planet, is that a curse word?

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  • No, tl;dr.  It doesn't force online play.  But you may need a connection to start up the game, I'm not sure.  You need online *SPOILERS AHEAD**************************** to co-op fight the bosses and go through levels co-op.  I played through most of the game single player anyways so you can beat the game single player.
  • When start the game and you are not signed-in. You will be prompted to sign-in in order to access online features. Simply select cancel and you are good to go for offline play. 
  • In bloodborne, you have the option to play on or offline.  If you want to play coop, you have to be online.  This means your world can be invaded by other players, who will try to kill you.  You can kill the bell ringing woman to prevent this from happening, or retreat to the dream, but you might still be invaded depending on how fast another player shows up.  Personally I found this annoying, since I did not always want to PvP.  Happened once, I ran into the maze where you fight one of the later bosses.  Eventually the pursuer found me but I killed him in 2 hits with my max damage holy blade.
  • Just dont log into the psn.