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26 Oct 2017

Can the PS VITA work with wired keyboards?

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I couldn't find anything online about it. I'm not interested in using Bluetooth. I know the PS3 and PS4 both take wired keyboards but I really want to know if the PS Vita does as well, assuming I use a Micro USB connection.


Also this forum is deader than the Vita lineup. There's so little daily activity now...

  • nope, the usb is only for charging/connecting to a pc wired with content manager (or connect wired with a ps3 to backup the vita and whatnot).  You can use bluetooth keyboards. Like my Microsoft BT Mobile Keyboard 6000
  • Emerald_Swords (Support MVP)

    Get interested with Bluetooth, because you can't..
  • ya.. i wasn't interested in BT either, till my mom got me a tablet outta nowhere. lol... I don't know about other BT keyboards but mine I mentioned ... well I barely actually use it but the 2 rechargeable AAA batteries I leave in it can prolly last a year...
  • GraphiteGB (Support MVP)


    So you did not get a cover and keyboard for the tablet just a Keyoard... adding a cover makes a keyboard much better for your laptop...

    Then you'll likely use it more...



  • um.... ok.... my mom got me the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1.... and also wasted $40 on the official cover at best buy. Also I rarely have a reason to type on the tablet unless we're on our yearly trip and I don't even take my laptop anymore, just the tablet and the Keyboard I mentioned. That 2 weeks is the only time I use the tablet like an actual PC. I had also originally gotten that Microsoft 6000 KB to use with my PS3, but that happened even less often so I connected it to the tablet after I got it. I've used it on my Vita as well, you can reset the KB easily and quickly connect it to w/e else. Anything else?