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17 Jul 2017

7.17 PS Forums Update

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Hi PlayStation Forums Community, 

We recently made an update to the PS Forums that address the following items. Thank you for your feedback as we continue to roll out new updates to the new platform. 

  1. There was an issue in the direct messages where if you put an apostrophe in the body of the message, it would remove all the content of the message that follows the apostrophe. (fun!). This has been addressed. 
  2. To address spam issues, we have implemented some functionality to combat spam. One of the items to combat spam includes a contribution limit which prevents users from posting more than once per minute. 
  3. We have implemented descriptor tags to identify key users in the forums including Developers and other PlayStation affiliates. 

We are currently now working on the following items and are in development now: 

  • Latest Post Column - implementing a new column on the Board pages showing the time and user that replied to a specific thread last. 
  • Impementing updated buttons so that they're consistent across all spaces in the forums. 
  • We also need to address some items that are more internal facing, but will be getting back to more user-facing opportunities in another week or so. 

Thanks for your continued support, and we'll look forward to updating you all when future updates hit. 

Thank you, 

- The PlayStation Forums Development Team 


  • I was wondering if all the Threads from before the Updated Forums are Locked and Archived. One in particular has me puzzled. The Extra Life Charity event happens every year and we have a thread here every year. Yet the one that was written for this year is un-avalible to post in. It looks like I can edit my old posts yet can not make a new post, also some information is not showing anymore in the Thread. 


  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

    @Patchex, I was just able to post in it and it bumped to the top.



    As always, the update is appreciated.


    The part on spam, does that include both thread creation and posting or just posting? While it will probably cut down on double posting I don't see it helping much in regards to the spam bot; they would just post every other minute then. What about the language filter? Is that being worked on as well?


    Also, others as myself have been wondering if the tags will include the likes of Support MVPs and/or the Welcoming Committee (we still have that, right?).


    And being the broken record, add a length limit to thread titles. People are basically posting their entire life story.


  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

    As always, thanks for the update!
  • BRIT-KO (Support MVP)

    #2 Above could be a problem for some!



  • ValhallaOutcast (Support MVP)

    slow and steady wins the race I guess, still hard to reply to a specific person and if you read a post near the end of a page you want to reply to you still have to scroll back to the top of the page to type a reply 
  • TwinDad (Support MVP)

    Thank you. 


    I also agree with limiting thread title length. While getting your need across in a title could be hard with a small limited limit, the posts with life story in the title are hard to read.

  • TwinDad (Support MVP)

    Sorry for the double post. But it appears the timer works for all posts on the Forums, not just for new threads. I was trying to reply to a Support forum post with cut and paste, and it wouldn't do it.  I thought the forum was just slow so I moved on, posted in another response, then came back,a nd it wouldn't do it. Waited the minute, and it posted. So just FYI.
  • Cool.
  • You should prioritize your profanity filter.


    You guys are too lazy to actually browse the forums preferring to just wait until something is reported before taking action.


    Because of this lack of concern and motivation the profanity and evasions remain for days before you get around to removing it.


    Getting the filter functioning will make your job easier and let you continue your slothful ways.

  • "You should prioritize your profanity filter."


    Haha you think that should be the priority aorund here? Are you scared of a little swear word do you stay in the house and avoid cable tv because ther're no moderators to protect your delicate ear's?


    Grow up and toughen up this place has much bigger problems then a profanity filter. You can't link, embed videos, quote, spell check, darken the theme etc etc oh and some times you can't even see your posts it's a complete mess and you're crying for moderation lol.

  • If you think ne1 is offended and sensitive, you haven't been around long. And yeah, moderation should be THE priority around here, it's barely been a priority at all for years. 


    There's plenty wrong here and moderation has been one of the biggest issues since before they decided to overhaul the forums so they'd suck even more.

  • Anybody complaining about needing more moderation for profanity is obviously sensitive or just has an axe to grind with the mod's. My honest guess would be the latter of the two.


    Moderation is not the problem with these forums the big problem is the forums themselves and they suck pretty bad at this point.

  • Its supposed to be a forum friendly to all ages.


    Maybe you don't care about that but I do.


    Its unfortunate Moderation doesn't. 


    You want to be a tough, thick skinned, Numbskull with a limited vocabulary that can only express their simple minded thoughts with profanity? Fine. Take it to one of your "grown up" sites. You know? A time and place for everything. I'm not upset or offended. This just isn't the place.


    This place is a hot mess and should have remained read only until it was ready.


    My disdain for Moderation is no secret. They've earned it. 

  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

    @STABnKILL, so what you are typing is that it's ok for everyone to break the RoC and get away with. Ok.....


    The fact that they didn't have a filter in place to start with is the ridiculous part. The regulars here should already know better but it's the new posters/complainers that (obviously) don't.


    Moderation has always been a bit of an issue and it seems to be worse since the change. While not placing blame entirely on the Mod team, it does seem they have been limited with what they can do. For instance, it doesn't appear that they can move threads; just look at the feedback section for example.

  • There is no reason whatsoever why these boards should have not been up and running to par when they were reintroduced.  Sorry to say it, but that's just pure sorryness on someone's part, and I'm not referring to the OP btw.  Whoever said to just sned these forums out there in the mess they are in right now needs to find another job.  This place is a catastrophe and a sham these days. 
  • This topic is not floated anymore, and there does not seem to be any word from moderation on  the progresssion of the fourm updates. I have not seen a response to my first thread reply in this subject. There seems to be quite a bit of missing content in the Extra Life thread, why is that?


     I can not see the threads that I post in to follow up on them, I was lucky enough that someone posted a copy of this thread in another thread so I could find it again. That will cause issues too... will I have to bookmark any and all threads that I post in so I may revisit and keep up with them?


    Sadly I was away durring the announcement and switch over of the Forum update. I lost thousands of archived threads due to this... I bet many others are facing this as well. The search feature does not actually work well... also we are told to be as descriptive as possible and to use spell check yet the spell check feature is even missing... Why are we bare bones now?

    One good thing is that the fourms might be getting stream lined a bit more, however with the lack of true posting abilities, all those exclusive areas will also die out with the rest of this forum. Even with the steam line set up, I am seeing more off topic and grindy threads then before, why is that? This is insane... 

  • Thanks for fixing the locked thread problem...


    Is this the thread we should be posting in about what we would like to see improved with the forums and the set up?... I could have sworn I saw another one yet I am not sure because I can not find it anymore, and quite possibly it was not authored by an MOD...


    There seems to be a really bad glith going on... anything past 26 posts can not be seen. here is a thread I found where others are seeing the same problem... 



    Also can you guys find a way to fix the posted threads? So if we post in a thread, trying to find it again is almost impossible if the board has pushed it to ten million spaces behind... in other words I have had to start a bookmark folder just for threads I want to keep an eye on here on Playstation forums... I didn't know the Extra life Thread had been fixed until just now because I had to find it again using the link I posted in this thread. Apparently some one was able to post in it weeks ago... yet I did not know it was even fixed because we do not have a way to check on threads we have posted in and we can not float our own anymore. 

  • Still nothing here, if there is another thread I SHOULD BE WRITING IN, PLEASE LET ME KNOW... 

  • ctfw529 (Support MVP)


    there is a special board for forum type issues/ffedback

  • Thank you ctf... its a jumble ... I'll try reading it yet that is such a mess for me as a user, how can they sort threw that, yet thank you so much for letting me know about it... I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction... 


    Sadly though it makes me wonder how much the links are modded in this forum... I have not spent muh time here lately, I hope they are keeping an eye on the links posted... only becaue I do not trust the general public in that aspect... yet again thank you... 


    Also Just a note... why is this part of the forum not listed in the main section of the forums... that is not only missleading in a general sense yet it is also very hard to find with out a link like you gave me... that quit honestly and simply quite stupid on the fourm devs part... it does not show that they actually value or respect the communities oppion on the matter... 

  • ctfw529 (Support MVP)

    it shows up for me here - - when i click on the blue "playstation forums" hyperlink in the forum structure above the post/thread. tbh, it's right where i'd expect it to be.
  • GraphiteGB (Support MVP)

    Hyperlinks in posts can now be added...

    you have to click the LINK button to add them...

    Both take you to the same template first page...


  • Still waiting for greatness....
  • @ctfw529 

    I never would have looked under the exclusive game section... I have to scroll down threw exclusive only game titles to see it... I would think it would be grouped in Support forums, seeing that there are only two other non game only sections. General and Support. 


    This is where I kept looking for info... Now I know it has its own dedicated section lol Sadly that is not a good sign, yet it means they might plan to use it alot, lol Good to know... that was aweful confusing... 


  • GraphiteGB (Support MVP)

    Another Update done was the removal of content from the US playstation web page clone which there not using, the WALL icon and other stuff is gone...

    Which now allows width adjustment to also work better for those who run the forum in snapped  windows... With other windows running other content...


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