PlayStation General
28 Jun 2017

6.28 PS Forums Update

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We’ve updated the PlayStation Forums with the following functionality:

  • Replies to a topic now bump them to the top of their respective board.
  • The Pinning feature for Admins and Moderators is now live, enabling these users to highlight select topics as needed.

We’re thankful for your patience, and we look forward to working with you as we will be continuing to exercise our new ownership on the development of the PlayStation Forums.

The next item of priority is addressing spam on the forums. We have a pretty straight forward fix for this and will be implementing as soon as possible, ideally in the next few weeks.

  • When are our ranks and post counts coming back?
  • Emerald_Swords (Support MVP)

    Much Appreciated
  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

    Awesome! Thanks for the update!
  • ValhallaOutcast (Support MVP)

    good update
  • Nice and before 7/7 Keep up the good work!! And Thank YOU!!
  • vfr_800_rider (Support MVP)

    The road to recovery is a long one, but at least so far we're going in the right direction and ahead of schedule.  What's next?
  • woow.. much appreciate..
  • I want my rank back grr
  • TwinDad (Support MVP)

    I'll post this in the feedback section as well, but after the forums are done with the must have features, would it be possible to have like country flags for the PSN ID like the EU Forums? It would be super handy for the support section to know where folks are from to give them better advice than contact your local Playstation.
  • I can't even like this!!!
  • younginflavor18 (Support MVP)

    Very much appreciated.