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26 Nov 2017
By: ValhallaOutcast (Support MVP)

4K video from USB on PS4 Pro?

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Video shot with iphone 7 plus, what should I convert the video to for it to play?


I am using Xillsoft Video Convertor Platinum

I am using 4K H.264 Profile 

H.264/MPEG-4 AVC



  • GraphiteGB (Support MVP)

    You need...

    H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile Level 5.2 (PlayStation®4 Pro only)   

    No higher... 


    4k H264 at High profile. 4.2.0 colour with bit rate under 250Mb/s Cabac encoded. at max of 60fps,

    To play of USB in Media player on PS4 pro in MP4 container only...

      NO MOV... No h265. no high Profile 6.0, no colour 4.2.2 or higher..   

    I don't use the software you list... I use handbrake or KDEnlive because it Forces H264 Profile limits the user sets...


    You have to do Short 3O sec encodes with the software you listed on H264 preset and set the resolution to 4K...

    Then use media info app to check the software encoder is obeying H264 profile levels. if it does not then you risk it changing H264 profile level randomly during reencodes and breaking compliance... If the encoder does not stick to profiles you need to change encoder...

    That will get you started... untill a user with that specific app can post the max settings. 



  • ValhallaOutcast (Support MVP)

    Thanks Graphite I have Handbrake also just do not use it often, can you give me some steps in handbrake?


    I made a custom preset, made picture size to match source


    is that all I need to do? and make format mp4

  • GraphiteGB (Support MVP)

    Open the 4k file in hand brake go across to presets scroll down to roku 4k 60 fps... click it.. if its not there update the version of handbrake 

    go to preferences and de-tick the use M4V extension... 

    Now to build the preset...

    Change the container to MP4 aka Format... you have a choice of 2... pick MP4...

    Click the arrow next to chapters and change it to time... this is were you change how long the test encodes are..  

    go to the Video section the box encoder : change it to H264:(x264)

    set the frame rate to match the original content... what ever it is, unless its over 60, set it to max of 60 then... no 120fps video... 

    Lower down this screen is the profile level box set it to : High

    Below this is a level box set it to 5.1 to start after test encodes set it to 5.2... (depends on the source video Standards no point making the encoder do extra work if the bit rate is below 50mb/s on the original file then 5.2 is not needed 5.1 is fine..) 

    Now move on the audio box. delete the second audio track its not needed as your running a PS4 Pro not an Xbox s...

    Pick your format of choice Excluding DTS NO DTS,  AC3/DD 2.1 or AAC 2.1 

    When you do the final encode you may want to fill in/alter the tags fields...  

    Alter the file name to something that matches the content of the video... now select save pre-set..

    Grab a fire extingisher... then hit start encode...  

    now go away and do some thing else... this is based on the Linux GUI the PC can be a tiny bit different depending on age of app. but not that different

    Come back in 3 days and its done...   if the PC has not melted Image result for thumbs up smiley ... ( Time depends on CPU and GPU power assinged to the handbrake app and off course and how long the video was...)

    Transfer to USB stick...

    Put the MP4 file inside A folder, can be named any thing, but it must be inside a folder not in the root section or Media player will not index it.

    Getting Windows to write the data correctly in this transfer can be a lot harder than using handbrake will be... it does not like Writing to Exfat USB drives...

    When windows says its finished writing it has not... wait until the USB drive stops flashing and goes back to Stable pulses windows normally instantly re-access the USB writing OS files to the USB HDD and checking your files for personal data causing the drive to go active almost instantly after it said it was done with the drive...

    Now eject USB media... don't be surprised it you have to wait for the OS to again stop reading and writing the USB drive...

    Plug in USB device to PS4 and run the media player and enjoy...



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  • ValhallaOutcast (Support MVP)

    @GraphiteGB thanks for the steps, worked like a charm 
  • GraphiteGB (Support MVP)

    How to disable HEVC and to return to H264... on IOS 11...

    Settings > camera > format > select ¨most compatible¨ mode...

    Sex tape videos will then not need converting... For next time

  • GraphiteGB (Support MVP)

  • ValhallaOutcast (Support MVP)

    funny you mention the iOS 11 issue, I was having an issue with that too but it was even beyond a PS4 Pro issue, when I was test recording on my 7+ and I plugged my phone inyo my early 2015 MBP on HighSierera I could import the video to but they would not play or export from the app, now your post might explain why you'd think a mac on HS could play HVEC but maybe the early 2015 is too old 



    edit: yup early 2015 MBPs are too old for HVEC, your post solved that problem too, thans Graphite