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10 Nov 2017
By: Patchex

Could we please have Signatures back on the forums?

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I would really like to signitures back here... its a great way to personalize our posts... 

  • Emerald_Swords (Support MVP)

    It will only happen once they decide to get back to work.
  • GraphiteGB (Support MVP)

    You can't have sigs untill you have a User profile page...

    Youll need a user section tied to each users own login like the private message section so that you can add the image or text field... 

  • Makes me sad...
  • Yeah, everything is so white and boring...
  • So I guess I should ask for the user Profiles to be implimented again... (That would be nice...Yet there seems to be alot of more important pressing issues still, yet I would still like it...  )