PSAS: Battle Royale™
18 Dec 2012
By: Kazten

Why I'm returning PSA...

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Okay, so i was completly ready for a psa crossover brawler.  I was watching the trailers and following this game sience its announcement. I pre-ordered the game as soon as I could, and was met with utter dissapointment and here's why:


1) Single Player: Probably one of the most uninteresting modes in the game, and it really shouldn't be. It was dull, washed down but still had the potential.  The rivalries were there, and had some decent voice acting, but was too short, and didn't go out of the normal play style.  A true dissapointment in my opinon.


2) Server Problems: Okay, when you revolve your game around multiplayer, I expect it to be good.  Its not. I'm faced with constant teleporting of characters, characters dissaperaing, as well as losing my friend constantly in the score screen.  This needs to be fixxed. 


3) Balancing: I've noticed some characters generate AP like mad, and have quite decent supers (Kratos, Dante, ext) but some other charcters generate their AP quite a bit slower and have weaker. harder to use supers (Sir Daniel, Big Daddy).  I was dissapointed to hear superbot say that they wanted to see how the players deal with what they think is unbalanced and develop stratagies.  It sounds more of just like them saying "fend for yourselves till we can't take the complaints anymore.


4) Nerfed Sackboy: **bleep**?


5) The Cost: I played games cheaper then this, and had tons more fun. I picked up Far Cry 3 on steam for $50 - tons more of content and replayability there.  Journey is only a $15 game on psa, and one of the best games of my life. Really are they going to charge $60 for what felt like a cheap **bleep** psn game? 


Final thoughts: Okay, maybe i won't return it, but i refuse to play it until I feel these problems have been adressed proley. 

  • 1) Your PSASBR x Far Cry 3 comparison is terrible, regardless of price Far Cry 3 will always have more because it's an established series.


    2) This game isn't worth selling because of all the patch work SuperBot has planned for it.

  • The balance thing is something I have to disagree on, Big Daddy and Sir Daniel take more practice to get used to but they are by no means useless and what makes Kratos and Raiden seem good is the fact almost any player can pick up and play them with little experience.

    Big daddy actually destroys Raiden at close range when a player learns all his tricks and Sir Daniel has some really good meter building moves with some interesting properties on his attacks like armor and the fact he's the only character in the game who can block in the air.

    Netcode does need work tho I'll agree to that :L
  • This game is worth the $60. More-so than other games
  • Cool story bro.
  • What store lets you return a game once you've already opened and played it?


  • IceColdKilla44 wrote:

    What store lets you return a game once you've already opened and played it?

    He means trading it into GameStop or Best Buy.  It's the only way.

  • Haha yeah I know, it was kind of a sarcastic question.


    But on topic, OP, I'd recommend waiting until the next patch before deciding to return it. SuperBot has said on their website that they want to address most of your concerns in the next patch.


    Though I do kind of agree with your opinion about what SuperBot said regarding balancing. If I come to this game only because I love Jak & Daxter, I'm not going to stay with it that long once I realize he's one of the worst characters in the game...



  • Single player is okay if you compare it to other fighting. Games like sf4 mvc3 sfxt kof
  • But sucks when is compared to MK
  • Wow a lot of hate :) But okay, I've played cheaper and better games and have had a lot better time with it.  My point is, looking back at what superbot has said about the game, not a lot of it has actually come in to the picture.  They claimed they were looking to put some interesting modes into the game, but we only see the core gameplay used in 3 different styles, and a simple singleplayer, and a repetitive multiplayer.


    The point of all this is, this was not worth the hype, or the $60 me and plenty of other people have paid for it.  I would have been fine if this was a $20 psn game, but, at least in my book, is not even close to a $60 game. With $60 I expect to get $60 worth of content out of it.  Its just an opinon, but a strong one in my heart. 

  • While these arguments are legit, I feel like there are a lot of people like me who are enjoying the crap out of this game. I just reached level 999 with my main yesterday, and am looking forward to investing time in other players. I hear all the comparisons to SSB, and honestly, I have never played a SSB this much being a Sony fanboy and all (although I appreciate all video games). This game is awesome to play, and I feel like it gets stale to people who expect the same kind of fun they got playing SSB on the couch with friends, but instead only play it online, which is less personal.

  • I hear that a lot. That people feel the game isn't worth 60$. That's why you should've rented it first.

    But I love this game. It was definitely worth it. (To me at least)
  • It was worth 60 too me! And a sequel they are making will be 10000000 times better, Sony possibly just wanted this to see if this game would generate enough interest among the community, and sure enough it did, and sure enough in the sequel they will go all out next time because they know people are interested.


    Siesh, imageine if the first Super Smash Bros game came out today, people would be all like "WHAT 12 CHARACTERS! THIS GAME SUCKS! THESE GAME MODES ARE REPETIVIE!" "JIGGLYPUFF IN A FIGHTING GAME! THIS IS SO STUPID!"

  • I would also like to point out that this forum has more posts than all other game-dedicated forums besides 3 (COD Series, GTA Series, and Final Fantasy Series). All other PlayStation Forums have way less posts (Including games like LBP, Fall Out Series, Batman Arkham Asylum and every game represented in this game).  This is a very active community and is a shoe-in for a sequel. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I feel like this game still has a ton of potential and a lot in store.

  • Some problems like lag really cant be fixed like that. Players just need to get better internet and stop purposely lagging the game where players are teleporting and such things. I played  alot more games with worse lagging people than this.


    Kratos is the cheapest **bleep** in the game. NOt only cand he command any map 360 degrees, but this guy has no freaking recovery time in betwwen moves which just makes him too much of being just overpowered. He considerebly needs to be added more recovery times in between moves and more ap to get supers.


    Even through all that I still have a blast with the game and I beleve it is one of the better games this year for me.

  • How long is it now ? 4 weeks and they still didnt fix online its much more terrible then before the patch. Come on guys 4 weeks and often we cant play agains a friend. I totally understand if you give that game away. Never in my entire live of ps3 gaming I encountered such a shiz online mode.
  • i see this game becoming free for playstation plus users.
  • why would people buy this game other than gameplay?
    it's fun as hell man...

  • Plaaystation3 wrote:
    But sucks when is compared to MK

    Indeed. I am hoping the PSASBR sequel really considers a proper arcade and story mode like MK. It was really well done. In fact one of the few fighting games where I really enjoyed the story mode (not for the actual story as such) but the presentation and how it turned out was so good.



    To me personally, this game is worth more than God of war 3 (which I hated and will never play any God of War game ever again). It is also worth more than Little Big Planet Karting (a karting game where the actual Karting physics suck beyond repair but tries to pretend the game is good because of the creation tools).


    I can name so many $60 (AAA title) games that are worse than PSASBR. In fact I find the netcode in this game pretty good, but obviously other people have problems but for me, usually the online play is pretty decent.


  • Dude Far Cry 3 is just.. Amazing, like how can you compare a brawler to a 1st person shooter..

  • mike1234flynn wrote:
    Dude Far Cry 3 is just.. Amazing, like how can you compare a brawler to a 1st person shooter..

    I guess If both games cost you $60, then you can compare them on a purely subjective "entertainment" value. That's about it.