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20 Oct 2013

Toro Inoue: Pillager of Souls (my Sequel Moveset ~Nya!)

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Hello, Kids! Welcome to My sequel Moveset ~Nya! (thanks Negima for the template)(combos can be found=no cancels, but combos exist)(the Triangle moves are ordered as 'Torobi','Justice','Oni')


I'm back and I'm here to pillage souls, and eat some mochi.... I'm all out of mochi! >:3

Alright, here we go ~Nya!


Differences: I constantly carry my stick on my back because it is now my bag of pillaged souls.... it glows blue

Mochi is Mochi-Icecream and looks frosty ~Nya! The FX of my Justice moves are now deeper blue. My henshin now happens in a 'Flash' instead of behind a sheet

My Henshin attacks come out faster but Justice and Oni are more punishable




PlayStationSquare.png = Cat-Slap

  • Propeties: Jab is now a Pimp-Slap across the opponent's face!
  • Movement: none
  • Hit-Effects and AP-Gain: standard hit-stun of my Jab, 5AP
  • Cancels Into: another slap, which will make a total of 10AP. Aerial: fall is reset and I can hit the opponent while stunned.
  • Timing: regular
  • Note: Aerial: same damage as my Spin, but instead of spinning, I fall at the same speed but emit sparkles which hurt the enemy...

 or    PlayStationSquare.png = Soul bag- I mean stick swing!

  • Propeties: same as my normal S1, a more forceful swing (complete with an angry face)
  • Movement: Slide forward o-so-slightly
  • Hit-Effects and AP-Gain: opponent is knocked away as normal, 10AP
  • Cancels Into: cannot, opponent is too far away after being hit
  • Timing: regular
  • Note: Aerial: the same

   PlayStationSquare.png = Headbutt

  • Propeties: The headbutt of doom returns! Looks more forceful
  • Movement: Jerks forward slightly
  • Hit-Effects and AP-Gain: Buttdrop, 20AP
  • Cancels Into: N1, S1.
  • Timing: If done while just above the ground, it will set up an Old-Fashioned Lv1 confirm
  • Note: Aerial: If missed I will tip forward and be vulnerable for a while

   PlayStationSquare.png = Broom of Legsweping! (telling it how it is)

  • Propeties: I now sweep the opponent's legs... I quickly spin the broom in a circle around my waist
  • Movement: none
  • Hit-Effects and AP-Gain: Now trips the opponent ala Nathan's barrel! 20AP
  • Cancels Into: not much, If you can catch them before they fall: N1, S1, another D1 will cause them to launch away!
  • Timing:kind of strict if you want a little combo
  • Note: Aerial: becomes a fall with broom pointed down, opponents hit will quickly hit the ground

_________________________________________________________________________________________TRIANGLE____________Order: Torobi, Justice, Oni_____
PlayStationTriangle.png = Lobster Chain, Justice Body Jab, Mochi Sphere

  • Propeties: I now pull myself to the opponent and then jump off them to the ground, A powerful Fist Thrust into the opponent's abdomen(can be charged), Like Lucario's Aura Sphere I can dodge while chaging my mochi and hold the charge for later
  • Movement: I am now closer to the opponent than I was before the attack, Jerk forward slightly, None
  • Hit-Effects and AP-Gain: Bounce, Buttdrop, Stun->Kneedrop->Eject/  10 10, 20, 10->20->30
  • Cancels Into:none, some combos can be made of this
  • Timing: regular
  • Note: Aerial: Same, Spin-Kick for 15AP, same

 or    PlayStationTriangle.png = Fish Slide,Justice Jump-Kick, Mochi Bash

  • Propeties: I slide on one leg and the fish is spiky, I jump and roundhouse the opponent which sends them flying, I beat the stuffing out of the opponent with my Mochi Hammer(hit the legs, smash their head, knock them away)
  • Movement: slide across the ground, movement forward from Jump-Kick, forward from swinging hammer
  • Hit-Effects and AP-Gain: opponent bounces over my head, Tornado eject, Crumple->Downed->Knocked away/ 15, 20, 5 10 10
  • Cancels Into: none, some combos can be found
  • Timing: regular
  • Note: Aerial: a faster Bycicle-kick for 20AP, same, hammer spin that hits in a circle for 15AP

   PlayStationTriangle.png = Anti-Air Shuriken, Justice Uppercut of Death, Mochi Rocket

  • Propeties: 3 Shuriken now go in a tighter spread, Uppercut now has a wider vertical range, shoots a mochi rocket up to the enemy!
  • Movement: None, Step forward, none
  • Hit-Effects and AP-Gain: hit-stun, Opponent rises a little less than the normal uppercut, opponent is blown away/ 10AP each for up to 30AP,     25AP, 15AP
  • Cancels Into: none, combos can be found
  • Timing: regular
  • Note: Aerial; same, Kick in an arc above me for 20AP, same

   PlayStationTriangle.png = Shadow Portal, Justice Axe, Mochi Bomb

  • Propeties: I am now invincible while in the act of teleporting, An axe kick to the opponent which causes them to bounce like my old D2
  • Movement: Teleport while slightly homing to the opponent, none, none
  • Hit-Effects and AP-Gain: a hit will reset my fall and allow me to attack my opponent while they are stunned, opponent is bounced off the ground like always, opponent is Tornado-Ejected/ 10AP, 25AP, 30AP
  • Cancels Into: once I hit someone i can briefly attack them with something else before we fall or they recover, a typical Justice combo, none
  • Timing: regular
  • Note: Aerial: same, a wide angle downward kick for 20AP, The Mochi Divekick; causes kneedrop and gains 20AP



PlayStationCircle.png = Break Time!

  • Properties: I stand Idle and start eating some mochi-icecream
  • AP-Gain: I gain 20AP every 3.5 seconds ~Nya!  like: 5 5 5 5...
  • Movement:   none
  • Cancels Into: none
  • Timing: none
  • Note: Aerial: I eat the mochi while falling with a parachute.... gains 5AP every 2 seconds

 or    PlayStationCircle.png = Henshin, Torobi!

  • Properties: Launches 3 shuriken just as I do now! They have a slightly wider range
  • Movement: none
  • Hit-Effects and AP-Gain: regular-stun, 16AP
  • Cancels Into:none, a combo can be started while the opponent is stunned
  • Timing: regular
  • Note: Aerial: same...

   PlayStationCircle.png = Henshin, Justice!

  • Propeties: I repeatedly punch at the air! then I kneel because I'm tired.
  • Movement: none
  • Hit-Effects and AP-Gain: Opponent is hit then knocked back, 10AP on the first hit, 5AP on the second hit
  • Cancels Into: the second hit causes me to kneel, but if you try to attack after the first hit you can start a combo
  • Timing: regular
  • Note: Aerial: i repeatedly kick the air to the same effect

   PlayStationCircle.png = Henshin, Oni!

  • Propeties: I hold a Mochi Bomb in front of me and it blasts the opponent away while I jump back (i can be punished if i miss)
  • Movement: Jump back after explosion
  • Hit-Effects and AP-Gain: opponent is bounced upward, 15AP
  • Cancels Into: none
  • Timing: regular
  • Note: Aerial: same except instead of jumping, I am unable to attack again until I hit the ground, as the explosion causes me to flail helplessly



 or    Throw = I slap the opponent twice and then knock them away with my stick 

   Throw = I turn the opponent around and kick them in the butt, causing them to fly upward

   Throw = I trip the opponent and then, depending in the stance i will: Smack them down with a giant shuriken, Kick them down with my Justice D2, or smash them into the ground with my hammer



Block = I hold up my stick with the Bag of Pillaged Souls and I turn Pale blue (Pale Blue means I'm blocking with the souls)

Dodge = I Belly slide in order to dodge

Air-Dodge = I do an aerial spin similar to my old N1



Level 1 Super = Death Star >:3

  • AP Cost: 155
  • Properties: I use a miniature version of my Lv2 star in my hand and then release it in front of me, causing an explosion of sparkles!  Anyone killed will explode into souls and enter my Bag of Souls
  • Movement: none
  • Area-Effect: In front of me, It explodes on impact, or if it hits its range limit
  • Timing: regular
  • Note: If you flick the analog stick backward, I will release the star behind me

Level 2 Super = Get In Here, Kuro! :3

  • AP Cost: 340AP
  • Properties: Kuro comes in and I tell him that the opponents are trying to kill me. Then we both turn red. Kuro's attacks are death and mine stun the opponents so he can kill them! Kuro follows the opponents
  • Movement: normal
  • Area-Effect: where ever Kuro goes
  • Timing: lasts about as long as Heihachi's Lv2
  • Note: If I get killed in the middle of this, then i will respawn with Kuro slapping me and leaving

Level 3 Super = Soul Pillaging! ;D

  • AP-Cost: 610AP
  • Properties: Screen Clear.(cutscene) I show the opponents my Bag of Pillaged Souls and call a giant version of my old Lv2 which kills everyone instantly. Their souls fly into my Soul Bag and I smash it which apparently erases them. After the scene is over it shows everyone explode and I am sitting down and eating mochi like nothing happened but with an evil grin!
  • Special Controls: none, Screen Clear
  • Timing: none
  • Music: This plays during the scene: Puppet Smile: Disgaea 4 

Taunts: 1) I laugh at the opponent then cough up a hairball and return to my fighting stance

2) I look at my paws and pretend to punch the air 

3) I look at my bag of pillaged souls and a scream is heard


Intros: 1) I walk onstage with a ball of mochi and throw it away

2) I come in from a parachute and fall on my face

3) My same Dancing intro

4) I stretch.. then start eating mochi


Outro: 1) Fist-Pump the air

2) I flex my arms while the camera is uninterested and turns away

3) I do the 'Bring it around town' from Spongebob Squarepants

4) I 'Swag Walk' off the screen while smiling


Defeat: 1) I sit down and stare at the ground

2) I shrug and walk away

3) I am obviously angry and smash the camera and you can see my feet walking away

4) My bag of Pillages Souls is possessed and drags me off the screen...




Well then..... that was fun ~Nya!!!!!!


Please tell me what you think below!!! XD     it took a while!

  • A combo ~Nya!


    ONI> AN1>AD2>U1>D1>U3 U2>4 U1


    many AP bursts remain the same...... any combos you guys can make of this? :3



  • (I actually had to ditch this once because I had made it WAY OP ~Nyā)
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  • I like it! Even though I don't get this whole "Pillager of Souls" thing! :D

  • (Apparently toro is some kind of ruthless murderer who takes the souls of his victims)
    The souls I collect apparently don't like me ~Nyā!
    Explains my 4th defeat screen
  • Cool moveset :D

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  • Evil grim reaper demon kitty?


    Nice moveset

  • So, you're Calypso now?

  • Pretty much ~Nyā...

    I'm still the same kitty... I just took the title 'Pillager of Souls' and ran with it...

    Attack-wise, do you like it?
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  • Well I couldn't have my boss know I was a Psychotic Killer ~Nyā!

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    Well I couldn't have my boss know I was a Psychotic Killer ~Nyā!

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    Now I'm THE boss..... >:3
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