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21 Apr 2014

Santa Monica Studio Update & All-Stars

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Hey everyone,


Now that the patch has been live for over a week, it's time for us to perk up again on communication. I purposely let the debates rage on here because it is 100% impossible for any balance opinions to be considered valid after only a few days on the patch. It's too easy to fly off the handle after a few days, everyone has their favorite characters, favorite strategies, we literally threw the book at you and said HEY....throw your old strategies out the window and start playing PlayStation All-Stars in a new strategic way. That is what seperates those who want to live in the past, and those who want to push a game forward.


We knew we wouldn't get it right, hell, we probably wouldn't even come close. You guys have kept this game going on your own, with a fire and passion unlike no other, it would be impossible for us to please everyone 100%.


So where are we right now? We cannot promise a 2nd patch, but I can promise you we're reading all feedback and evaluating any potential game-breaking, emergency level issues. We understand a balance patch of this magnitude may require tuning, but have yet to determine if we can.


For example - the issue Vita cross-player owners are having, unable to install the game, is our #1 priority right now that we hope to resolve asap in the next few days. This likely does not require a patch, but we've got all hands on deck to resolve.


We also do not intend to interrupt the Level-Up Runback tournament with any gameplay changes. That would not be fair to the tournament and those who are developing strategies, in addition to the MLG tourney coming up, and other weekend weekly's you guys are putting on.


Regarding balance, we hear you on some of the main issues being discussed:


  • Spike, Toro, Zeus were not buffed enough
  • Kat and Cole weren't nerfed enough
  • Isaac was nerfed too much, though we feel this requires more time to adjust to
  • There are still some unintented LVL1 confirms in the game, mainly for Cole, Fat Princess, and Jak - these may not be an issue in the long run

The bottom line is the best characterrs in v1.11 got nerfed and all the worst characters got buffed. The gap between the best and worst characters is now much smaller than anyone expected, and those whose characters got worse are yelling the loudest.


We hear you, but please recognize, these changes are still very new and fresh and like any great fighting game, require time to evolve and adapt to. You cannot play this game the way you played it in v1.11, and why should you? That's no fun.


We're also aware of some code and online bugs, but cannot promise we have resources to address these.


We're here, listening, evaluating, and doing our absolute best to honor our committment to this community. We are proud of this patch and whether we patch again, or do not, we'll be supporting all community efforts and the online servers.


Keep the feedback coming, but please keep it structured.


Also - to those who keep creating "bait" threads for us (i.e. the forurms are dying, we don't care, X character is dead, etc)...please stop =) These forums are still the most popular in all of PlayStation, except for the General General Discussion and the always fun hell pit, Off-Topic. 





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  • You forgot to add Drake to the 'Kat and Cole weren't nerfed enough' speech. Other than that, some quality nutshelling there. 


    Also, why delete 4 pages of a thread when only one word was against the ToS? I was enjoying that thread. 

  • Tank this is the result of Patch 1.12




    Look at what you've done!

  • We'll try to nerf our ToS actions, I actually do not handle that. I will speak to the Admins. Thanks for the note.




  • Just--Tank wrote:

    We'll try to nerf our ToS actions, I actually do not handle that. I will speak to the Admins. Thanks for the note.



    Hey Tank, would it be benifical if I make a YouTube video about what nerfs Kat should recive to bump her out of top tier?

  • @just-tank what exactly do you guys at Sony Santa Monica have planned for the future of PlayStation all stars such as content or contests or even (sorry guys) more DLC support ?
  • Ok I'm feeling a bit of regret now...

    Glad to know that you are listening and everything but..dang...
  • Thanks for the continuing support Tank! Glad to hear that you're monitoring everything we discuss :)
    Fingers crossed for future updates!!!!
  • A sequel would be better
  • Tank,


    Let me debug code pro bono.

    What language is it written in?

  • sackboy was nerfed too much. almost EVERYONE KNOWS THIS. also Fat Princess was barely nerfed at all and keeps all of her confirms which needs to be addressed.
  • also ratchet and drake
  • For an Isaac buff I ask that you add a reaction (hard knock down, eject or buttdrop) to the 4th shot of plasma cutter. Thanks for your continued support :)
  • The only problem Sackboy had was NO level 3 should 3 stock ever -- or maybe more specifically -- should never 3 stock THREE OTHER OPONNENTS with ONE SUPER.

  • Fix da netcode

    Buff zeus

    Add 1v1

    Moar titles, emblems, backgrounds

    Fix da belt resetting business

    Moar game modes

    Fix da audio business on vita

  • Remove items from ranked.

    One line of code.


    More accurate and to the point -- doable in less characters than a "tweet".

  • ^^^^^^^^^
  • Thanks Tank for all your work!


    But I would also like to know the future of All-Stars other than continued community support. 

  • While you have made it clear that there are no promises for a 2nd patch, the fact that you guys are evaluating things is really good to know. Hopefully there will be an update as to whether or not these evaluations lead to anything (even if the resources to commit to a second patch are unavailable, it would be nice to know in the event that a second patch is impossible).

  • Hey folks,


    We're committed to maintaining the online servers and community for PlayStation All-Stars. As stated many many times, we will not be producing any more DLC.


    I can always be reached at and will always evaluate all community events for our support.


    Beyond that, we are monitoring, listening, and will keep communicating here as best we can.




  • Hey tank

    Just let the game die now. You guise should move on to bigger and better stuff. You guise are better off not trying to fix this game any further.

    Perhaps work on some ps4 stuffs. :)
  • Still am asking for something as simple as frame data for all characters' moves. Every other competitive fighting game has it, so... it should come standard.


    Also, when can we expect Drake's AK to be nerfed since landing lag buffs it to ridiculous levels? Or Cole actually getting some nerf at all?


    Thanks in advance and I'll continue to play competitively where I can (sadly, I do not live anywhere near California or Texas).


    - Lizardheart

  • Forget DLC rather just see a sequel in the works :)

  • You guys have done enough for the current game. I think it's best to look toward a sequel at this point.


  • Last_HopeNFaith wrote:

    Forget DLC rather just see a sequel in the works :)

    This. Just please make a sequel for the PS4.

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