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09 Aug 2012

Sackboy alternate costumes idea

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How cool would be if the alternate costumes of Sackboy were actually textures of all the other characters in the game?

Something like Kirby in Smash Bros., which can take details from all the other characters, only in this case it would be more detailed and not changing the moveset.


Something like this:


But for every single character in the game. 

  • i approve sir! if you are a sir......

  • what if we could use our littlebigplanet/2 costumes

    that would be awesome

  • here's another good sackboy alternate costume idea;


  • It is a cool idea but I am thinking more of get our own LBP 1/2 character in the game or maybe a sackbot or avalon from LBP2

  • I think I read somewhere that sackboy is going to be like Kirby/Mokujin.