PSAS: Battle Royale™
26 Nov 2012

I have 2 questions

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Why is it that a level 2 super can be canceled by a level 1? Shouldn't there be a system since that a level 2 takes more AP then it would take out that level 1? For example fat princess on her chicken getting killed by sly's level one.


Also why is sly's level one so impossible to interrupt and so good? I shot an rpg at a sly and he got sent flying across the map but the hippo just keeps on going and you die. How is that fair?

  • I can't speak for why Sly's level one is so unavoidable, but Lvl 1 supers can be interrupted by any basic attack, Lvl 2 supers can be interrupted by any super attack, and Lvl 3 supers are uninterruptible. I guess it adds more strategy. Which I like :)
  • stop crying about it and deal with it. We all know that Sly is op and his level 1 needs a nerf. As for the level 2 super, your still mortal and can die so dont be stupid
  • Wow, some people get cranky easily... *cough*CitySnake*cough*
  • But lvl ones are harder to land a hit on especially on a lvl 2 and if you have enough skill that won't happen. It's called strategy.


    Sly's super lvl 1 actually i think you might be able to stop but you need to do it before he calls in the hippo. As is with all lvl 1's they need to be stopped before the person performs them.

  • Yeah, the tiers are weird. for some reason random attacks can interrupt attacks you've been saving up for and building AP for...

    There will be a few people who say slys can be interrupted.... but they're just saying that... it's not true what so ever. thing is, you don't even need to use slys level 2 or 3... just his level 1 to get 2 to 3 kills... and then all you have to do is do the electrtic roll 3 or 4 times and boom, level 1.
  • i geusss they thought having it uncancelabl compensate for no block. even if hr has teleport counter and invisibilty and he can bring out murray while invisible