PSAS: Battle Royale™
21 Oct 2012

As someone who mains Fat Princess...

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I never go for her level 3. It just is pretty lack luster imo. I can get 4 or 5 kills with her chicken and usually can get a couple with her 1 but her level 3 just isn't that great. I get 2 kills with it if i'm lucky. I'm not sure what needs to be done with her level 3. Perhaps buff speed of mage projectiles?

  • usually if level 1 and level 2 are great then the level 3 is usually lack luster
  • All the superassaults of level 3, where you cannot obtain any more than 3 deaths should be eliminated, since they are absurd and useless, besides that energy gets lost in levels 2 that are much better.


    Level 3 = Instant o useless delete

  • Level 2 (400 Points AP) =  4/5 Deaths


    Level 3 (650 Points AP) = 2/3 Deaths


    GENIUOS! = Level 3 is more expensive than level 2 but level 3 is more bad than level 2. 





    To change, the level 2 that it is the level 3 and the level 3 the level 2



  • Moving her chicken to level 3 would be quite a nerf for her though
  • If the skill of chicken puts as level on 3 it should increase in 3 or 4 seconds the duration

  • I've actually never seen Fat Princess' Level 3 in action. In fact, the only one I've ever used myself was Kratos on one occasion.

  • Fat Princess's level 3 is easily the worst right now. It takes too long for the move to get started and everything just travels too slowly. It seems the move has the most projectiles on screen at the very end of the move, which is unfortunately when the the super ends. Once the super ends all the projectiles just randomly vanish after the flash (which is stupid). Because all the summons come from the sky and not from the ground, everything is easy to dodge. It would be better if she just had a super similar to Parappa's level 3 since in both instances you do nothing anyways (though Fat Princess has to work harder for meter, and potentially gets rewarded less).


    Maybe if she was given a chicken to control during the level 3 while all the projectiles were on screen it'd be different and make it a little longer duration. That would be just as hard to dodge as Kratos, Radec, Sly, etc so it wouldn't necessarily be unfair...

  • SB did that purposly...
    Kratos's lvl 1 and 2 are meh... so go for lvl 3
    Sweet Tooth's lvl 2 is meh, but expensive so you can stack his lvl 1s
    FP has a great Lvl 1s and arguably the best lvl 2 in the game... hence her bad lvl 3
    Only characters I have seen that may have a better lvl 2 than her is Big Daddy, and Heihachi

  • ThaWhiplash wrote:

    I can get 4 or 5 kills with her chicken

    Oh, so every match you play, you'll get four or five kills? Also, five kills? The best I've seen was only three kills by Fat Princess Players, and this is probably because the chicken can be easily dodged. When a Fat Princess activates it, I can dodge it the whole time till I get killed & the Player would waste time on one Player & only probably get one or two kills.


    It's better than Level 3 if you know how to use your Level 2 (as it might net you only one kill if messed up badly). Solution: Use Level 1 or Level 2. They should fix it up. But if Fat Princess Players are always going to go for Level 1 or Level 2 Supers. Then it's best to leave it out & for fun only (just like PaRappa, but in a different way).


    Prent62 wrote:

    I've actually never seen Fat Princess' Level 3 in action. In fact, the only one I've ever used myself was Kratos on one occasion.

    I've seen it once because every Fat Princess Player will go for a Level 1 or Level 2. First time I've seen it in action, I think the player only got two kills (just like 'ThaWhiplash" said about getting 2 kills if lucky) by getting a player & on me when I was staying in the corner.
  • I thought her level 3 would grant 4 kills tops
  • When I got into a glitched game where no one moved, I decided to test her level 3. It got 3 kills from no one moving...
  • 3 kills is the max, even if you kill someone the second it starts (which is really unlikely) the respawn invulnerability wears off right when the super ends.