PSAS: Battle Royale™
20 Nov 2012
By: swartz00

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I've pre-ordered the game and currently have it on-disc, but i dont know how to use the pre order costumes. when i start the game, they are locked. There is also no code for them anywhere. But when i do put the disn into my playstation a second disc icon appears that is titled "Disc Benifits". I'm thinking that might be it, but when i press it, it says "Please wait..." and then i get an error. Can anyone help me? (Sorry if this was in another thread)

  • Do a system update my friend. It should be fixed after that. And if that doesn't work, Superbot already said they're working on it :)

  • I tried updating it but it said there was no updates
  • Does anyone know how to get the costumes on vita?
  • I bought in on ps3 have them there but can't get them on vita.