24 Aug 2017

Helldivers 2?

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I know I know...its a bad question but....Is there any chance that there will be some kind of sequel to the best twin stick game ever?

  • My sentiments exactly , looks like they haven't confirmed nor denied any announcement coming , hope it so much too
  • Sadly the only reason for there to be a sequel is if there would be enough changes to warrant having one.

    Simply having new factions, weapons and stratagems wouldn't be enough reason unless they wanted to change how the mechanics of the game.

  • Its has been fifty years since the "Great DEMOCRACY endoctrination year"Since then we had peace "since we re the only race remaining ".But sadly,the cost of democracy was great and there were not enough ressources to go aroud for SUPERHeart to grow and prosper like the great nation that WE are! ""I guess not everyone filled the right papers heh!""So WE,SUPERHeart,had to form severals groups of the finest,most bad ars Helldivers that WE had at our disposal to venture forth on to new unexplored part of our galaxy.But little did we know what was comming next........ 
  • Seems like using a Lucky Eight ball will be able to answer better than asking on the forums lol http://www.ask8ball.net/

  • Did..did my previous post just delete itself? *sad face*
  • @ForeverAPeon

    I asked the Lucky Eight Ball: "Should I be waiting for Helldivers 2?"

    Eigth Ball Answers: "You may rely on it"


  • I asked the 8ball


    "Will there be a Helldivers 2?"

    "Outlook looks good"