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06 Dec 2017
By: ReelThug

VR Racing Rig

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How much would it cost to set up a racing rig like the one in this vid?

  • X mas Bundle Pricing
    PS4 Pro 350.00 Best buy
    GT-Sport VR Bundle $200.00 Best Buy
    Used G25/G27 Wheel, Shifter, and Pedals  - E-bay $199.00 to $899.00
    Drive Hub so the G25/G27 works on PS4 $80.00 -
    use code gtplanet10 to save 10%
    New G29 ( no shifter ) $260.00 Amazon
    Rig - OpenWheelr racing Seat $378.00 Amazon
    Rig - Build your own out of wood $150.00
    32 inch 1080p TV $200.00

    Add it up...  that's what it would cost.