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18 Apr 2017

Monday Night Racing Discussion Thread

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Sorry I couldn't find the old thread, so here's a new one.

tonight we used Drive Club for the event's
I had some technical issues so i got tothe events a bit late.

I enjoyed using Drive Club tonight. it really was a lot of fun.

After the events MastrGT and I discussed one of the Tour Mode Events.
and I had to go try it. 
and that led to me getting stuck running it over and Over..

Even after masterGT and I finished our discussion, I stayed and ran the Tour event a few more times.

I tried to upload a Video 6 times to my Youtube page, and each time it would get to where the ipload was Done, and then get an Error.
So I don't know what got Bugged, but I can't upload to Your Tube tonight.  none of my Videos.

Anyway, I did find a sort of glitch on my end..  
I had to re-start the PS4, to get it to clear up.

For some reason,  Viewing a Replay file from in Drive Club, caused my Settings to revert to what were usd in the Replay.

Specifically the HardCore Driving mode, would get turned off, or On, depending on the replay I just watched.

Master,  when I set the Fast laps in the Tour Challenge,  my hardcore mode had to be Off.
After the reboot. 
I double checked to make sure hardcore mode was ON.

I was not able to match my times in the Challenge.
You should Know, that your Fast time, using Hardcore mode on, is,  well, 
it is a very Fast time..  
I'm at least 2 seconds a lap, or 6 seconds overall, slower than your best times.

  • MastrGT (Support MVP)

    Yeah, I figured the difference had to be a difficulty setting or driver aid. Thanks for sticking with it until you found an answer.

    There is/was no MNR thread here. It is still in the GT Events sub. I haven't needed another one with all of the other options available. :)
  • A continuation of the Tour Challenge..

    i sent out a challenge,  It said Amature, but there was no way to change it.. 
    here are your driving parameters.

    in Settings Gameplay
    Hardcore mode On

    Braking Assist Off

    when you evnter the event
    Standard event.


    The Car:

    VW Golf, in Cockpit view

    Beat 0:53 in a Lap, you will have 3 laps to do it in..
    Beat 2:59.556 3 lap combined total time.

    Who Can do it?
    use your Share button to captuer your Video..

    I've not been able to beat 0:53 in hardcore mode.




  • MastrGT (Support MVP)

    Hmmm, without a good sort, I will update this one for MNR, for now. It's on page 2, at the moment.


    I posted the set-up, for June 26th, in the Race Room Community. The M-B SLS has lots of torque and the tracks are fast. The Highlands Drift track will take a bit of getting used to, so we will do more laps on it.


    jazzpurr: I looked at your new found F1 friend, but without more time and a good tune, it would be a frustrating night for nearly everyone.

  • MastrGT (Support MVP)

    I should be able to install pCARS 2 overnight, so we will use it in some way Monday night.
  • MastrGT (Support MVP)

    Now that we have GT Sport, I will be hosting on-line events on Monday nights with GT again.


    The events are linked below, but you may still have a hard time finding new posts in such a long thread. If you just click on the main link, you need to edit the URL to include this change: .topic.0.25.html/ That will list recent posts in some sort of reverse order. It needs a bit of updating to take GT Sports' reality into consideration, but the format and basic rules will remain


  • MastrGT (Support MVP)

    Monday Night Racing

    Sim: GT Sport

    November 6 @ 7:30 Eastern


    This week, the MNR setup will be a bit different. We will stay on the same track, Autodrome Maggione GP. The cars will be your choice of N100s, N200s, N300s, N400s, all on Sport Hards, so the faster the car, the more difficult it will get. Also, the N3-400s will both be on the reverse layout, so you just might have to "learn on the job". You can tune the cars, but BoP will be used, too.

  • MastrGT (Support MVP)

    Monday Night Racing

    Date: Nov 27 @ 7:30, racing @ 8

    Cars: Golf VII, Clio RS and the Toyota GRMN, Sport Soft tires, no TC

    Tracks: WS Horse Thief Mile (15), Tokyo Central Inner Loop (8), Dragon Trail II (7)

    This will be a bit of a BoP and tires test, get assigned your first car, then rotate through the other ones. Each car has its own merits. Because of this, the room will be private.

    After some more testing, the Clio needs Sport Softs, the Golf needs Mediums on the front, and the Toyota needs Sport Hards. This is based on 1.05, not 1.06.


    Room # 0474-6151-1828-6541-7284

  • MastrGT (Support MVP)

    Monday Night Racing


    This week's Mileage rewards car is the Atenza Gr.3 Road Car. It handles well, but because of the tracks, we will up the tires to Racing Hards.


    Date: December 18, 7:30PM Eastern


    Car: Mazda Atenza Gr.3 Road Car (Mileage Exchange = 2,500)


    Tracks: Kyoto - Miyabi (20); Blue Moon Bay II (15); Autodrome Maggiore II (10)


    If you have time off during the upcoming holidays, when can you race?

  • MastrGT (Support MVP)

    Monday Night Racing

    Date: January 8 @ 7:30 Eastern

    Car: GT by Citroën Gr.4, Sport Soft, BoP

    Tracks: Big Willow (11); Toyko Express Central Inner Loop (11); Nurburgring GP (9)


    This is a great car to spend time within a group that you relax in. Please, come join us!

  • MastrGT (Support MVP)

    Monday Night Racing

    Date: January 15 @ 7:30 Eastern

    Car: N100, N300, N500, N200, N400, N600, with BoP

    Tracks: player voted


    If you are unsure about racing on-line, this will be a good night for you to race with careful drivers. I will add the Room ID later, so it will be easy for you to find us.


    Room ID: 0474-6027-4302-9504-4164

  • MastrGT (Support MVP)

    Monday Night Racing


    Date: now


    Car: Mercedes-Benz VGT, RH tire, BoP, no TC

    Tracks: Tokyo Expressway East Inner Loop (7 laps); Kyoto DP Y+M 2 (7 laps); Nurburgring @4 Hour (2 laps)