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01 Dec 2017

Future update request

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I want to express my happiness with the Shelby Cobra being added in the last update of Gran Turismo Sport.  It truly is one of my favorite automobiles.  I only have one beef with it in this version of the Gran Turismo series and that is;

If you specifically purchase the car WITH racing stripes and want to repaint the car, you do not have the option of having racing stripes on the car.

I was pretty bummed out to find this out after spending $2mil prize money for it.  I would think with the inclusion of a great livery editor that having an option to paint the racing stripes whatever color you want would be a no-brainer.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.  I hope sometime in a future update PD allows us to customize this car to our liking WITH the racing stripes.


Thanks for reading and I hope this gets noted for a change in the near future.

  • Agree with you regarding the inclusion of the car is great.  What I did to repaint was to use the included livery decals (dual solid stripes decal) to replicate the stripes.  While this technique is not perfect but close enaough for me.  Hope this helps.
  • MastrGT (Support MVP)

    IIRC, GT6 worked the same way regarding stripes.


    If you are interested, we will be using the Cobra all Monday night. 😛