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30 Nov 2017

Driving school doesn't update medals GT Sport

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Hello all, I didn't see a topic on this and was wondering if this affected anyone else and if anyone could suggest possible remedies.  

Basically, I completed the driving school with all golds and one silver.  When I went back to get my final gold, it did all the animations, gave me the credits/XP, but it never updated my silver to gold.  It even has my best time listed (almost 0.5 s faster than the requirement), but it still has the silver medal there and hasn't awarded me the car for all gold.  

I've tried closing and reopening the application and cold booting the PS4 completely.  I'm thinking about uninstalling and reinstalling the app but I'm worried about losing my save data.  Halp?

  • I’m having same problem in Mission Challenge.   
  • You’ll need to beat your original time again to get gold because that is what I had to do after the patch.


  • MastrGT (Support MVP)

    This is working correctly, for me, in Circuit Experiences.


    Do CEs work correctly for you? I will try the Missions, today.

  • I’ve beat it 5 times today.  By a large margin.  No gold
  • Sounds like a glitch caused by update 1.06. However, the game only rewards one car for completing the event. It does not reward an additional car for achieving gold. 
  • Oh, ok, I just assumed that because there was the car in the gold shroud next to the one in the silver shroud that it meant there was another prize car.  I haven't done the circuits yet, but missions appear to be working fine.  The only one I'm having a problem with is driving school #36.  I'm going to try beating my best time on it to see if it works, like justame Mario said.
  • Ok, I just got it. As recommended for the driving school, I beat my previous best gold time and it gave it to me.  

    And there is a car for getting all gold, the GT-R safety car. :)


    Bug should still be fixed, though.