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28 Apr 2017
By: zingdam

Kratos God Of War Life Size Bust First Issue??

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Hey Gamers

I recently purchased this life size bust from a former Sony employee.

I was looking him over and on the bottom where I expected to find the number of production, I found the word SONY.

This particular model shows it is part of a production run of 100 pieces, but being the former owner was a Sony employee I figure this was a pre-production release.


Unfortunately I didn't get any info from the original owner, I was just really stoked to get the piece!


Doesn't seem to be any way to contact Sony's sales department directly so can anyone tell me if they've seen a Sony product marked like this before and how would it effect the collectibility of it?



  • I would say contact Santa Monica studios and start there. Doubt you would get very far with Sony at first. Start at the bottom and work your way up till you find the answers you are looking for. Good luck!

  • Thanks Res-R-Rex I'll give that a try

  • That would look so awesome on my desk. Congrats!
  • I've never seen that bust before, listings for one or even just a pic.... Why do I have a feeling that guy jipped you and sold you a piece that never went into production.... just sold you a "idea" piece that was laying around....  I mena hell, instead of a production number, someone jsut wrote "SONY" in magic marker. You didn't see that before you paid him? That would've raised some eyebrows with me.

  • Could be the first one given to Sony, could be the prototype shown to Sony, who knows? Just because one hasn't been seen before doesn't mean it is not legitimate. MAYBE nobody else got rid of theirs so this is why none have ever been seen before/yet. There could be dozens of reasons.

  • That is fricking amazing!